Why your Support is needed?

This project will only be possible through the support of the community in Berlin and Bertoua. The energy of our student group, the Hope Foundation, and through the support of private donations and public sponsors!

So "build" with us!

The initiative RISING EDUCATION requires not only dedication and work force, but also to cover the costs incurred. Thus, it is also dependent on your support. Only then we wil be able to see this wonderful project realized. For the financing of the construction materials your help is essential. Help us to provide the children in Bertoua, Cameroon, a building, which will increase enormously the quality of life and future vision of these young people, and give these young people the ability to have a true quality of life.
Please help us by donating to our project.

Even a small contribution can have a great effect and affect this world positively. Education and mutual understanding is key to a better future.
We guarantee you that the entire monetary and material donations go directly to the project.

Bank details for donors and sponsors
Receiver:VFFA TU-Berlin e.V.
Account number:0155135
Bank sort code:100 700 24, Deutsche Bank
Subject:Rising Education

For international transfers
IBAN:DE45 1007 0024 0015 5135 00
TU Berlin donation account
A donation receipt can be issued only from an amount of € 200. To receive a tax receipt, please notify us with your name, address, amount of donation and the booking date. Thank you!