In a conjunction with TU Berlin and Prof. Susanne Hofmann, the subject has been developed as a practical curriculum project. The work of "Die Baupiloten" is ecologically oriented, socially engaged and experimentally aligned. Prof. Susanne Hofmann originally established "Die Baupiloten" in 2003, as a student institute with TU Berlin that gives students the Chance to realize their architectural study subjects through physical construction projects. It includes students through all phases of construction from conceptual design to realization with usually strict budget requirements - in close co-operation with Susanne Hofmann Architects.


Prof. Susanne Hofmann



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Susanne Hofmann is Professor of Architecture at the Technical University of Berlin and founder of the interdisciplinary networked Office "Die Baupiloten", specializing in participatory developed educational buildings.


Kirstie Smeaton



Kirstie Smeaton graduated from Bartlett School Of Architecture and since 2011 has worked as a researcher at Die Baupiloten at TU Berlin and is a part of the student team giving guidance, advice and assistance.

Hope Foundation

The Hope Foundation is a German-Cameroonian NGO. It was originally established in 2001 by a group of committed young people with the main objective to encourage the development of communities in need in Cameroon. The Foundation is primarily involved in humanitarian actions that improve the standard of living of disadvantaged Cameroonians. The aid projects include education, health, water and sanitation, child care, human rights, environmental protection, women’s rights and support of the discriminated and disadvantaged groups such as people with disabilities, street children and orphans.


Gerald Bobga Fonkenmun

Founder and Director


Gerald Bobga Fonkenmun, the founder and director of the organization. He himself has his roots in Bertoua and is one of the founders of the emerging educational institution.


Judith Ellfeldt

Auditiing / Finances


Judith Ellfeldt committed since 2010 for the Hope Foundation. In addition to organizing and planning various events she found her focus in finance and budgeting of specific Projects.

Local supporters

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Local_Bobga Emmanuel

Bobga Emmanuel

Local_Martien Essimi Mengue

Martien Essimi Mengue

Local_Gabriel Awasung

Gabriel Awasung

Local_Rodrigue Kongue

Rodrigue Kongue



Local_Yvan Bikambo

Yvan Bikambo

Local_William Tallyng

William Tallyng





Local_Nguidi Adamow

Nguidi Adamow





Local_Laurent Nguidi

Laurent Nguidi

Local_Françis Dançue

Françis Dançue

Students from the NAASC-ANEAC, the union of architecture students in states' institutions

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Student President_Martin Elisée Fouda II

Martin Elisée Fouda II

Student_Vanny Meno Tegue

Vanny Meno Tegue

Student_Romeo Kammeugne Kouam

Romeo Kammeugne Kouam

Student_Paulin Ndouna II

Paulin Ndouna II

Student_Olivier Kouonang Nomo

Olivier Kouonang Nomo

Student_Luis Patrice Kanga Mbock

Luis Patrice Kanga Mbock

Student_Jules Franz Mbappe

Jules Franz Mbappe

Student_Joseph Brice Nsom Nsom

Joseph Brice Nsom Nsom

Student_Joan Francine Pountougnigni

Joan Francine Pountougnigni

Student_Hubert Karl Kelle Kelle

Hubert Karl Kelle Kelle

Student_Guy Martin Medjo Medjo

Guy Martin Medjo Medjo

Student_Dieudonne Binwe

Dieudonne Binwe

Student_Cédric Raphaël Boukeu

Cédric Raphaël Boukeu

Student_Bertrand Mfa Eloundou

Bertrand Mfa Eloundou

Student_Armel Tchinda Segnou

Armel Tchinda Segnou

Student_Alvine Tchupou Lelimeni

Alvine Tchupou Lelimeni

Student_Alex Dongze

Alex Dongze

Student_Julie Diane Tengno Tchinda

Julie Diane Tengno Tchinda