Project Summary

Rising Education's is a student project that from March 2013 will fundraise, design and build a multi-purpose, bilingual school in Bertoua, Cameroon. The school will consist of six classrooms and communal learning spaces fit for 250 enrolled students. In complement to the spaces, outside of school hours, can be used as workshop spaces and technical trainings resources for adults and teenagers, offering a solution to the lack of local educational institutions.

RISING EDUCATION - Throughout the year, our team with oversight from Die Baupiloten and Susanna Hofmann, will develop a sustainable building concept to be developed through participatory process, with the local population. In close cooperation with the German-Cameroonian NGO "Hope Foundation" the school is designed by architecture students from the Technical University of Berlin , and is planned to be built in January-March 2014 together with local residents and people. The Cameroonian population will be involved in all phases of the planning and construction process. The non-profit project will be funded from donations, events and fundraising.

The aim is to create a climate-and region-oriented, ecological primary school, which provides learning spaces, residence and a meeting place thus creating an important contribution to the region of Bertoua, by creating, among other things, new jobs.
Questions such as: Sanitation without sewerage, light without power, temperature control without air conditioning, or classrooms without chairs, tables and tables are all exciting challenges for the project, and the group. In addition, through cooperation with the Hope Foundation and the pressure in Bertoua teacher shortage is a teacher-exchange program between international volunteers. The resulting institution will be a German-Cameroonian connection through participatory programs to commence and continue after completion of the building of the school.


As everywhere in the world, the best way to prepare children for their future is though education. Bertoua is the capital of the Eastern Province, one of the 10 regions, of Cameroon. Despite the wealth of existing nautral resources, Bertoua is still very poor in terms of economic and human development.

One of education’s primary functions is to create great opportunity to grow business and the local economy in a sustainable way. It gives children the opportunity to realize themselves, and to be able to make decisions; in order to escape their lives below the poverty line. Unfortunately, the quality of education is currently so bad that only 40% of children, mainly boys, successfully complete primary school. Despite the few existing schools in Bertoua being over crowded, most families have not sufficient incomes to send their children to alternative schools outside the city.

These figures from Cameroon contradict the fundamental right to education, for many and it remains a dream. Quality education gives children the opportunity and ability to lead a healthy life with equal rights, exert a job and confidently stride through life, standing up for their rights.

To strengthen the lives of the adolescent population and the development of the region in general, we are planning the development of a new free educational institution, with the help of an already established relief organization.

Location Overview

Cameroon is divided into 10 semi-autonomous regions, each headed by a Regional Council. The regions are subdivided into 58 divisions (French départements). The three northernmost regions are the Far North (extreme north), North (Nord), and Adamawa (Adamawa). Immediately south ends of them to the center (center) and the eastern part are (Est). South the Province (Sud) lies on the Gulf of Guinea and the southern border. Cameroon's western region is split into four smaller regions: The Littoral (Littoral) and Súdwest (Sud-Ouest) regions are on the coast, and the Northwest (Nord-Ouest) and West (Ouest) regions are in the western grasslands.

Tourist literature describes Cameroon as "Microcosm of Africa" because all major climates, vegetation and characteristics of the continent are experienced: coast, desert, mountains, rainforest, and savanna. The immediate neighbors of the country; Nigeria in the west, Chad to the northeast, the Central African Republic to the east and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of Congo to the south.

Bertoua is a city in Cameroon and the capital of the Eastern Provence in the Department of Lom-et-Djerem. With 173,000 inhabitants it is the only regional center. The location of the city is characterized by the threshold from woodland to savanna. It is the only municipal settlement and thus also the economic center of the region.