Like every year, the summer semester is duly completed and the “free period” will be celebrated in the architecture building after the final presentations.
This year the students of the project “Rising Education – l’école élémentaire” along with the Hope Foundation Baupiloten organize the summer festival!

All proceeds go directly into the school building project for 250 children in Cameroon / Bertoua, goal is to build a Primary School in February / March 2014 together with the local inhabitants.

In and behind the architecture of the building, the Café A “Rising Education summer bash” will take place. From 19 clock food and drinks are offered at the finest music. Later it gets wilder and as always you can leave your hips bone and swing. All are welcome!

Bring your friends, your beloved and relatives because – here it comes, NO ENTRY!

Help us to realize the project and celebrate with us!

***LINE – UP ****

19 – 24
24 – 01 Animal Swing Kids / Klangkost
01 – End Phil

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